Politicians' Breakfast Briefing

Politicians' Breakfast BriefingLocal politicians attended a breakfast briefing on the Connswater Community Greenway project at the new look Connswater Shopping Centre.

The politicians in attendance were updated on the many elements of the project and were informed of the forthcoming targets including the appointment of the Design and Build Team in September 2009 and construction commencing in March/ April 2010.

A number of questions were raised at the meeting:

Q. What is being done to treat the invasive species?

A. The treatment of the invasive species is a priority for the CCG Team. Belfast City Council has been asked to develop a policy to manage and maintain the invasive species in the area, with treatment to commence in May 2009. Invasive species will not be able to be eradicated completely but need to be managed at an acceptable level.

Q. Should the CCG continue to build a stand alone iconic foot and cycle bridge across the Sydenham By-pass as well as the Connsbank Junction?

A. The Connsbank Junction includes foot and cucle facilities across the Sydenham Bypass. Any stand alone landmark structure built as part of the CCG would be overshadowed by the Connsbank Junction. Duplication of foot and cycle facilities in the area would not be value for money. There is an opportunity however to improve access to Victoria Park, including improved vehicular access, from the Connsbank Junction which is currently being discussed with the key stakeholders, including Belfast City Council.

If you have any questions or wish to be updated on the progress of the CCG why not email heather@eastbelfastpartnership.org for details of the next Stakeholder Forum taking place on Friday 27th February.