Minister Robinson Hosts a Special Breakfast

Minister Robinson Hosts a Special BreakfastPeter Robinson today hosted a breakfast at Stormont to launch the masterplan for the Connswater Community Greenway and thank the key stakeholders for their support for the East Belfast project. Minister Ritchie, Lord Mayor Jim Rodgers and Duke Special were amongst the guests at the Stormont breakfast.

The Connswater Community Greenway is a proposal for an inspirational living landmark in East Belfast, creating a green corridor alongside the Connswater, Knock and Loop rivers, from the Castlereagh Hills to Belfast Lough. The Greenway will provide: 5kms of cleaned rivers, 43 new bridges, 19kms of cycle and walkways, improved and connected green and open spaces, a public square, heritage trails and a 9km linear park through East Belfast.

The Greenway will connect people and places along the way, whilst regenerating and revitalising the area, making it a better place for people to live, work, visit and invest.

Sammy Douglas, Project Champion said “We have an amazing opportunity to transform East Belfast if we can secure the funding for this project. When completed the Connswater Community Greenway will provide immediate benefit to an estimated 40,835 people living in the wards adjacent to the rivers, improving the living environment and providing opportunities for leisure, exercise and recreation.”

Peter Robinson MP MLA said “This is an excellent project that I hope will attract significant investment for much needed environmental improvements in East Belfast. Following the courses of the rivers, the 9km linear park will transform the rivers and surrounding area into a community asset and a living landmark.”

Margaret Ritchie Minister for Social Development said “The Connswater Community Greenway will provide significant benefits to some of the most disadvantaged areas in East Belfast, revitalising and regenerating areas where people live. We have worked in partnership with all the key stakeholders to develop the Connswater Community Greenway project which will be a tremendous resource for the area.”

East Belfast musician Duke Special has permitted his music to be used to promote the Connswater Community Greenway project.