CCG Project Reaches International Audience

CCG Project reaches international audience

Majora Carter, one of America’s biggest names in environmental and community pressure organisations, visited East Belfast last weekend as part of her ‘Promised Land’ radio programme which goes out across over 200 radio stations in America. The programmeseeks out extraordinary yet everyday people and reveals their dreams and struggles — what inspires and challenges their work and their lives. From neighborhoods in east Belfast grappling with a polluted river to kids interviewing for Green Jobs Corps in East Oakland, The Promised Land promises a steady stream of powerful radio.

Majora was a leading light behind the regeneration of the South Bronx River in New York, is a founder member of Sustainable South Bronx (SSBX) and has been listed as one of Essence Magazines 25 most influential African-Americans. She was here to see at first hand the work planned for the Connswater Community Greenway Project. In what was a busy few days for Majora and her production team, they walked part of the proposed route of the  Greenway from the Hollow at Elmgrove down through Connswater Shopping Centre to Victoria Park, meeting and interviewing members of the community involved with the project and hearing about the plans and aspirations of the Connswater Community Greenway.

Throughout her three day visit Majora visited a number of different parts of East Belfast, met with local politicians and community activists and appeared on local radio programmes.

This was not Majora’s first visit to East Belfast or, indeed, the CCG as she visited previously approximately three years ago during the project’s initial development  and has provided advice and guidance on how best to deliver a project that has real meaning for the local community. She is particularly interested in the community nature of the CCG and how the people of the area are contributing to the transformation of their community through the project.

CCG Project reaches international audienceFollowing her meetings and interviews with Majora, Wendy Langham, Programme Manager of the CCG Project said ‘ We are delighted to welcome Majora and her ‘Promised Land’ Radio programme to East Belfast. The work of Majora and her community in regenerating the South Bronx River area in New York was a real inspiration to us at East Belfast Partnership and showed us what can be achieved when a community works together in real partnership to achieve a shared goal. It is hard to believe that millions of Americans will shortly be learning about the Connswater Community Greenway and I am delighted that our project has been recognised internationally as an inspirational community environmental project. This is a great news story for East Belfast and a great opportunity to raise the profile of the area in a positive manner and would not have been possible without the continued support and involvement of the people of East Belfast.’

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