Visit from Ballinderry Fish Hatchery

Visit from Ballinderry Fish Hatchery

The Connswater Community Greenway welcomed a visit from Mark Horton (Ballinderry Fish Hatchery) and Claire Cockerill (WWF, Freshwater Policy Officer).

After previously visiting the Ballinderry Fish Hatchery in Cookstown, and discussing both projects, CCG staff were keen for Mark and Claire to see the Connswater Community Greenway. The visitors were taken on a short walk from Victoria Park to Elmgrove Hollow to give them this opportunity.

Weirs and fish, community engagement, volunteering and tourism and heritage trails formed much of the discussion between the two projects back at the CCG Project Office and knowledge on all these areas was shared. Opportunities for future partnership working were also suggested.

 To find out more about Ballinderry Fish Hatchery or WWF NI please visit the following websites: 

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