Living the Green Way

This week we celebrated all things sustainable with a ‘Living the Green Way’ festival which aimed to help us all learn how to live greener, more sustainable lives.

Along with attending our first Connswater Community Greenway ‘What’s Growing’ photo exhibition (coming soon to a Library and Leisure centre near you!) we popped down to two of the planting and growing events which were demonstrating what you could grow along your Greenway.

At Avoniel Community Garden, Bloomin’ EastSide involved our Greenway leaders and Belfast City Council Parks department who expertly demonstrated how bedding plants can be used in hanging baskets and window boxes. It was great to see people who would not consider themselves to have ‘greenfingers’ have a go and taking home the results for display at their houses on and around the Greenway. At the Connswater Community Garden on Connswater Street local growers demonstrated just how many flowers and how much food can be grown when you have a little bit of space, a little bit of interest and get a bit of advice from your neighbours.

Where to find it?

Bedding plants are used in boarders and flower displays across the country. These displays will always include the regulars- Petunia ‘Crazy Pink' and Ivy Geranium precision ‘Bright Red’, both of which we saw being planted with the Community Garden at Avoniel.

Petunia’s are native to South America but annually in the UK provide regular summer colour to many of our homes and streets in hanging baskets and window boxes. They can tolerate a reasonably hot and harsh environment but benefit from more regular watering. They are a must in any display, providing a spectacular splash of colour which, if looked after, will flower all summer long. At Living the Green Way, we noticed Petunia ‘Crazy Pink’ which as the name suggests is distinguished by its deep trumpetish pink flower. A welcome selection for any display!

Photo credit: Paul Hunter 

Geraniums are another favourite which could not be overlooked when selecting for any hanging basket. Geraniums are ever dependable, provide phenomenal ground cover, resilient to slugs and snails and are available in many shades of pink, purple, white and blue. The selected Ivy Geranium (precision ‘Bright Red) for Bloomin’ Eastside was selected as a trailing plant used because the red flowers cascade from the basket adding dramatic effect at the base allowing remaining plants room above.

Be Part of it...

Love has also been growing along the Greenway with James and Anna who met in Avoniel Community Garden and got married there on Monday!  

We would encourage everyone to call into your local Community Garden to see ‘What’s Growing’. You never know who you may get talking to or what you might learn. Send us in a picture of any floral displays or garden planting you see along or around the Greenway to