Maiden Grass (Miscanthus sinensis ‘Flamingo’)

This is the first time we have highlighted one of our beautiful Greenway grasses and thought we would mark the occasion with one of our favourite. A highly commended, robust and unusually coloured grass we think this is a real crowd pleaser!

Miscanthus is a flowering plant in the grass family native to Eastern Asia, China and Japan. A herbaceous perennial it gets its name from Greek term Miskos meaning stem and Anthos meaning flower suggestive of its upright tight form and unique flowering colour. The new grassy green growth defined by its distinctive white centre, continues to grow tall (approx. 1.8 - 2m) and stay compact unlike many other flopping grasses.

Photo credit: Paul Hunter

At the end of the summer, flowering feathery plumes are produced in abundance. Initially the unique flowers appear candy floss pink then fade to silvery grey as they mature through autumn and winter. This winter colouring which looks phenomenal in the morning frost could be associated to its other common name, ‘silver grass’, silver inferring to the frosting or possibly the winter tone of the flower.

As noted this grass has been accredited the Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society. This means that it has successfully endured a rigorous trial and assessment programme concluding that it is an excellent plant for use in appropriate conditions.  

Where to find it?

This grass looks incredible all year round and is as impressive whether planted as a specimen or en masse in flower or in frost. We have planted a cluster in C.S. Lewis Square within an avenue of other close relatives from Aslan to the Holywood Arches Library.

Photo by Karen Oliver, C.S. Lewis Square 

Be Part of it…

We would be interested to hear what you think and see your pictures. Particularly if they capture something unique, perhaps a moody early morning mist, unusual lighting or capture the first frost.