Autumn on the Greenway

Our Connswater Community Greenway photographers have submitted some beautiful pictures of autumn colours which demonstrate the change in seasons along the Greenway in all its autumn beauty.

Autumn is typically associated with increasingly shorter days, colder temperatures and leaf fall but it is the colours which make it a truly great time of the year to get outdoors for a breath of fresh air.


Photo by Paul Hunter 


The continuing growth of summer has ended and preparation is being made for winter. Nowhere is this more evident than the trees which are preparing for a long winter by sheding or beginning the dormant season. It is this increasing shortage of light that let the trees know to begin preparation for winter.

As a result of the fading light and falling temperatures the chlorophyll that makes them green, begins to break down. This makes way for other chemicals and sugars including carotene which give the leaves their range of colours (red, yellows & browns.). Carotene is the chemical which gives carrots their rich colour. It is during this process that the sugars are absorbed back into the tree for energy to help them survive winter and help them prepare for the flourish of growth next spring.

Photo credit: Karen Oliver

The Forestry Commission consider that wet conditions in spring combined with an early summer sun has meant a good growing season for the nation’s trees this year. Therefore, if we have a mild autumn we could have prolonged colour well into November. The prolonged colour will be dependent on a calm autumn, warning that continuing strong winds could stop the autumn leaf show short.

Where to find it?

This week we asked our photographers to capture ‘autumn colour’ and we think you’ll agree that they certainly did! From Victoria Park to Cregagh Glen they were spoilt for choice, managing to capture the varying shades, and the falling leaves that continue to carpet the paths and edges of the Greenway floor.

Photo by Jonathan Clark, Victoria Park

You will also be able to see autumn colour within any section of the Greenway. So why not plan a journey so that it ends with warm cup of coffee either at the shops at Cregagh Road or JACK Coffee Shop in EastSide Visitors Centre at C.S. Lewis Square.

Be Part of it…

This time of the year any woodland, parkland or garden will have trees that have a display of autumn colour. Over the next few weeks we intend to highlight these so there are no excuses…it is time to get outside! Please send is in any images of your autumnal adventures.