PARC Study Partners

We have set up a Scientific Policy and Advisory Panel to ensure the scientific rigour of our work.  The role of this panel is also to champion the project and raise the profile of the study in scientific and policy communities. 

Members of this panel include:

  • Professor Mike Kelly, NICE Public Health
  • Dr Michael McBride, Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr David Ogilvie, MRC Epidemiology Unit, Cambridge University
  • Dr William Bird, Natural England and Intelligent Health Ltd

The PARC Steering Committee involves a number of representatives from statutory and non-statutory bodies.  Their role is to oversee the completion and implementation of the study. 

This committee is chaired by Dr Leslie Boydell, Medical Director (Public Health), Belfast Trust. 

Other members include:

  • Dr Andy Cope, Research and Monitoring Director, Sustrans
  • Joan Devlin, Director, Belfast Healthy Cities
  • Dr Carolyn Harper, Director of Public Health, Public Health Agency
  • Andrew Hassard, Director of Parks and Leisure, Belfast City Council
  • Gerry McAreavey, Department of Social Development
  • Robb Phipps, Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety NI

The PARC Project Team undertake a hands on assurance role in relation to management of the PARC Study evaluation.  This group meets every quarter and includes the chair of the individual PARC working groups alongside other academics from QUB, including Dr Margaret Cupples and Mr Mike Stevenson. In addition, a number of key representatives from statutory and non-statutory bodies in East Belfast sit on this group.

These include:

  • Jonny Currie, Community Support Manager, East Belfast Community Development Agency
  • Wendy Langham, who provides regular updates on the progress of the Connswater Community Greenway

We also have a number of other representatives who sit on the various PARC working groups.  This includes:

  • Paul Donnelly, Policy, Planning and Research Manager, SportNI
  • Sean Brannigan, CCG Community Engagement Officer
  • Margaret Devlin-Hania, Health Promotion Officer, Belfast Trust
  • Dr Gillian Gilmore, Health Intelligence Manager, Public Health Agency
  • Kim Kensett, Physical Activity Co-ordinator, Public Health Agency
  • Dr Christine McMaster, Specialist Registrar, Public Health Agency
  • Maurice Meehan, Investing for Health Manager, Public Health Agency
  • Dr Alberto Longo, QUB
  • Dr Danny Campbell, QUB
  • Mary Dallat, QUB
  • Dr Karen Keaveney, QUB
  • Maire Brolly, NISRA
  • Brian Galloway, Land and Property Services
  • Gary McNeill and Chris Murphy, Belfast City Council
  • Simon Wheeler, Department of Environment

The PARC Study team would like to thank everyone involved in the study for their invaluable support.