PARC Study - Survey Working Group

Chaired by Prof Frank Kee and Dr Mark Tully, the main aspect of the PARC Study is a before and after construction Household Survey of 1200 local residents along the Greenway route. This survey collects information on people’s physical activity levels, health, mental health and factors that might encourage people to walk more in their local area. The first phase of this survey was completed in January 2011. This survey will be compared with results from a Northern Ireland wide survey conducted by Sport Northern Ireland.

A subsample of 100 people will be asked to wear accelerometers around their waist which objectively measures their amount of physical activity.

The Survey Group is also responsible for collecting data on the number of people using the parks and open spaces along the Greenway route.  We have completed the first phase of this work in August 2010 and February 2011 with the help of 17 volunteers from the local area.

Intercept Surveys investigating the origin and purpose of people’s journeys were conducted at four sites along the Greenway route in February 2011.

Claire ClelandClaire Cleland is a PhD student working on the PARC Study.  Claire graduated with a degree in Human Nutrition and is currently in the 2nd year of her Ph.D. Using data from the Household Survey and accelerometer study, Claire aims to gain a better understanding of the reasons why some people who reside in the Connswater area participate in physical activity.