Stakeholder Survey

Our parks and open spaces remain open during the Covid-19 pandemic and we were keen to hear from you, our stakeholders about what role, if any, you felt the Greenway had at this time.

We received an overwhelming response with nearly 300 people taking the time to complete our survey!  We wanted to share some of the information we collected.

How often did you use the Connswater Community Greenway before the Covid – 19 pandemic?


What did you use the Greenway for?


How often are you using the Connswater Community Greenway during the Covid – 19 pandemic?

Before the Covid-19 Pandemic, how regularly did you exercise?

Has the Covid - 19 pandemic encouraged you to become more active as a result of the ‘daily exercise’ measures?

Has the Covid – 19 pandemic encouraged you to change your attitude and behaviours regarding outdoor spaces?

Do you feel that parks and open spaces should remain open for local people to carry out their daily exercise?

Out of 276 responses 90% were local to East Belfast with 47.8% of people living along the Greenway.  It was great to also see that those respondents who are not local to the Greenway have not been travelling for their daily exercise and have instead stayed in their own local area.  

In summary, the results from this survey reflected what we are observing, that the Greenway has become busier during the Covid-19 pandemic and that people are really appreciating having access to this resource locally at this time.  There were also many comments from people who are anxious about being out on the Greenway or in any park and open space right now due to a worry about how other people are adhering to social distancing measures.  This is something we hope to take on board going forward and will continue to reinforce the governments messaging around social distancing regulations.

The Greenway, along with other parks and open spaces are particularly important in urban areas today, where many individuals and families don't have gardens and where access to such spaces may be their only opportunity to get fresh air, exercise and access to nature.

“I have 4 kids and a very small back garden the open space in the parks gives them a safe place to run about”

There is an overwhelming sense that, not only should parks and open spaces remain open for the benefit of the mental and physical health and well being of residents but that Greenways have a role to play at this time to;

"provide a safe environment/open space away from traffic where families and the general public can walk, run or cycle maintaining social distancing while enjoying the benefits of exercise and fresh air"

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who responded to the survey. Your thoughts and ideas help shape how the Greenway is delivered but also provides sound evidence for future developments. We continue to be committed to driving the vision for the Connswater Community Greenway and to build on its success for many years to come. 

If you would like to see a full presentation of the survey results you can download it HERE